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The Ultimate Guide To Choose the Right LED Light Colour Temperature for Homes and Offices

These are the Three Basic LED Light Colors Available

  • 2700K - 3200K: Warm White

  • 4000K - 4500K: Neutral White

  • 5000K - 6500K: Cool White

Every room in your home is different, you have heard that sunlight is the source of our energy, but did you know light bulbs emit some energy as well.

Our ability to concentrate depends a lot on the type of light the LED Bulbs produce. Our brain releases different chemicals in different light conditions. The LED Lights which emit blue light (Cool White - 5000K - 6500K) triggers the brain to produce serotonin, which helps us be focused, awake and alert. And the LED Lights which don't produce blue lights triggers our brain to release melatonin, which makes us relaxed, drowsy, and ready for a good nights sleep.

LED Lighting for Homes

In our bedrooms, most of us want the atmosphere to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Avoid blue light waves in the bedroom for a relaxed atmosphere. This also allows your brain to produce the melatonin needed for a comfortable sleep. Are you a nighttime reader? Try to have a bedside reading lamp or plan on buying one, soft blue or neutral tones are better for reading. You may use cool white lamps which release blue light just above your study table.

Suggested Color Temperature: 2700-3000K

LED Lighting for Office

When lighting an office, we want to make sure that the lights are maximizing our ability to be productive in the space provided. Putting cool-white lights in the office will increase serotonin production keeping you focused, alert, and energized. You may also want to consider LED Desk Lamps which offer great task lighting and the ability to switch color temperature on demand.

Suggested Color Temperature: 3000-5000K

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