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Zucchini busbar systems

Zucchini has one of the most comprehensive ranges of busbar power distribution systems in the market from 25 A lighting through to 6300 A high power systems including rising mains. Zucchini busbar systems are now widely used for power distribution in both industrial and commercial applications. 

Lower Power Busbar

Medium Power Busbar

LB is the range of Zucchini Bus Bar. It can be used for supplying power to light fittings within domestic and service sector.It can be attached to the wall and also be hanged from the celing.  
Range: 25 A - 40 A
With IP55 Protection.
Medium Power Busbars are ideal for power distribution in manufacturing units. It offers speed durability and planning while the installation process.
Range: 160 A - 1000 A

High Power Busbar

High power Busbars are used for the distribution of power in large installations. It provides a complete solution for power supply stations, transformers, skyscrapers, main pannel board connections, etc...
Range: 630 A - 4000 A with Alloy Conductors and 800 A - 5000 A with Copper Conductors.

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