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Elemeasure's vision is to innovate, collaborate and build extraordinary products and solutions in the field of energy and building management, thereby making our world a greener place

Yogeshwar Enterprises's goal is to bring innovative and trust worthy products to it's customers. This collaboration between Elmeasure and Yogeshwar Enterprises as a channel partner will help in getting great energy management solutions to it's customers. 

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For a seamless, uninterrupted changeover between power sources. 

Automatic source Changeover with Current Limiter (ACCL)

  • Microcontroller based automatic source changeover with neutral isolation

  •  Intelligent re-connection once trip has occurred due to either overvoltage or overload

  •  Optional iACCL with Prepaid Metering feature can be given for DG side

  •  Individual phase overload monitoring in 3 phase ACCL & overvoltage protection for DG

  •  Power supply can be restored from sleep mode through MCB/Manual provision/ Mobile APP

Seamless switching between sources for uninterrupted supply.

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure

  •  Overload tripping (optional) with inverse curve logic

  •  Automatic transfer switch are provided with fire alarm / external fault trip feature

  •  Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto/manual mode

  •  Automatic transfer switch have high capacity to withstand short circuit

  •  Optional RS485 communication and cloud

Prepaid meter is a Single Device for electricity, gas and water measurement.

Prepaid Meter

  • User friendly contactless prepaid metering solution

  •  Prepaid meter with LoRa helps you to make private network being independent of service provider

  •  Integration of Gas & Water with the electrical parameters thereby, extending the flexibility for the user to budget expenses

  •  Tripping of EB or DG consumption at pre-determined set point for protection & effective use of energy

  •  Recharge your prepaid meter & have explicit view of energy usage & tariff rates from anywhere

  •  Prepaid meter with LoRa supports long range communication up to 1kM radius

Basic parameters measured precisely

Digital Panel Meter