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Who we are?

Yogeshwar Enterprises (YE) welcomes you to its company page. 

For over 3 Decades, YE has been the leading provider of electrical products that include Wires, Cables, Wiring accessories, Wiring devices, Switches, protection devices(MCB,RCCB,RCBO) and LED lighting system for commercial, residential and industrial Segments to its product offer. Solution oriented approach along with customer service that exceeds expectations. 

YE has a strong reputation of providing end-to-end customized solutions across categories and sectors which makes YE a preferred name in the electrical market across segments. Solutions that deliver innovation & reliability with competitive pricing. YE has a product range to satisfy all needs of customer related to electrical. 

All products that YE offers are through the below channel partners: 


  •  Legrand – Electrical Protection, Distribution & Digital Solutions 

  • Luker - LED Lights

  • Fire Fly - Home Automation 

  • HPL – Changeover Switches , Metering Devices & Wires

  • Hensel – Weather Proof Electrical Distribution Systems & Plugs & Sockets

  • Kamadhenu Wires - Power Flex Cables & Wires 

  • Electron – Automatic Change Over’s

  • 9 Electric – Customized Plug & Socket Solutions 

YE has a range of acclaimed products that tackle the unique challenges faced in a variety of markets including: 

  • Hospitality 

  •  Commercial Spaces 

  •  IT sector 

  •  Health Care 

  •  Industrial / Manufacturing 

  •  Retail 

  •  Educational Institutions 

  •  Food Industry 

  •  Electrical Service Contractors 

  •  Government Sector 

  •  Architects / Interior Designers 

With a zeal to always be on the edge of solutions oriented work - our comprehensive and reliable team captures the customers VISION and compose a solution backed up with a healthy services. 

Channel Partners:


Award for the - "Best Stockist Of The Year"

With our Customers Support we have been awarded for the "Best Stockist Of The Year" We are humbly proud to say that we have been receiving this award for the past 10 years now... 

We try our best to deliver the products at the right time, right place and in the right condition... It's a challenge to keep such a stock in this market... But we love challenges and love to help our customers

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