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The best modular switch designs from Legrand India

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical solutions. One of the major segments is wiring devices. When it comes to modular switches and wiring accessories, Legrand positions itself as the best in quality. And as the saying goes, " What price can you put on peace of mind."

Yes, legrand is a little costly, but it will never disappoint you. With 10 Years warranty on switches and sockets it has become the most trusted brand, not only in India, but globally.

Here are few modular switches from Legrand.

A simple white switch that blends with any wall color and any decor. If you are not a risk taker then Legrand Arteor white is for you.

Legrand Arteor| White| Best Price|Hyderabad

Then comes the mirror collection .

Mirror White - A glossy white finish and one of the most popular designs

Legrand Arteor Mirror White| Best Price|Hyderabad

Mirror Black - This beauty can woo anyone

Legrand Arteor Mirror Black | Best Price|Hyderabad

Mirror Red - Gives an artistic feeling to your home

Legrand Arteor Mirror Red | Best Price|Hyderabad

Wood - Fine finish of the oak tree

Legrand Arteor Wood | Best Price|Hyderabad

Wood - Wenge - Suits most of the home furnitures

Last but not the least

Graphite - The subtle blend of grey and black color.

Legrand ArteorGraphite Grey| Best Price|Hyderabad

So, go on and get these beautiful switches for your home, because it's time to switch your switch.

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