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Difference between cool white, neutral white and warm white LED lights

Ever wondered what LED light companies actually mean by cool white, warm white or neutral white LED lights? Yes, almost all people just call the LED lights as yellow or white, but that's not actually the case. These changing color temperatures actually determine your mood in a particular area.


Don't be...

What is the basic difference between these different color temperatures?

The difference between the three is nothing but the different temperature values that are indicated in an unit called Kelvin. The higher the kelvin value or the temperature of the light, the whiter the LED light and lower the temperature the yellower the LED light.

Why is it important?

The different color temperature of the LED light helps you to create different moods in your room. You might have experienced a change in your moods when you are in different lighting conditions.

The warm white LED is used for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Studies show, when you use warm white LED lights there's a chemical release in your brain that makes you feel relaxed, drowsy or comfortable. That's the reason many people use these lights in living rooms or bedrooms where they go for their relaxation.

The cool white LED lights are used for creating an active environment. The cool white LED lights help your brain release a chemical called serotonin, which is useful for concentration and activeness. When spending time under a cool white LED light people feel easy to concentrate on their work. Experts recommend use of Cool White LED lights in offices, study rooms, kitchens, etc...

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